Proper removal of single site Bedrock Ansible

I was wondering what the best way to delete a site when I’m done with it, if I’m using a single bedrock ansible install to run many sites.

So if I have a site maintained/created via the Ansible provisioner, so it has the MySQL(Maria) DB, and a synced folder, etc. how do I just get rid of that site without touching the others on that same Vagrant VM? I would want the database to be removed as well as the synced folder, but only on the server-side, not my local machine.

First step would be to remove it from the wordpress_sites in group_vars/all.

Synced folder: just remove it from the Vagrantfile? Or add , disabled: true on the end.

DB: You can just manually delete the db? Anything else is probably too complicated.

But you could add a list of disabled sites and loop over those to do whatever (remote DB etc), or maybe augment wordpress_sites by adding some disabled flag.