Proper way to duplicate a developed Sage theme

I developed a Sage theme that I deemed complete. What is the proper way to duplicate this theme and use it for another site?

FWIW, I tried the following:

  1. download the completed theme from my Github repository
  2. add it to the themes directory of the new site
  3. run npm install (success)
  4. run bower install (FAIL)

It does not return an error. This is what I see:

When I run gulp, I am told that modernizer is not installed. See here:

The bower_components folder is empty and has a minus sign on it.

Thanks in advance.

What’s the reason you’re using sudo bower install? If it’s because you get errors when running it without sudo, there are probably permission issues you need to fix. I’ve never been in a situation where I had to run bower with sudo.

I get EACCESS errors when running bower install.

Yeahhhhh… so if you go here, the accepted answer is what you did:

But so not right…

First of all, try deleting the bower_components folder since it’s most likely owned by root and try bower install without sudo, maybe that’s all you have to do.

Since Bower was run with sudo at one point, you probably have permission errors in your home folder. So further down the page, try the cache cleaning, and you might also have to do

sudo chown -R username:username ~/.config 
sudo chown -R username:username ~/.cache

Substituting username with your username :wink:


Thanks @kalenjohnson! Before I got a chance to read your reply, I followed the directions on this article on how to use npm global without sudo and it worked for me.

Having said that, I am going to try your suggestion as well to test it out. I will report back on how that turns out.

Thanks again!