Provisioning a remote server without WordPress


I would like to provision a server (GCP compute engine) with Trellis but without WordPress requirements because it will be for a simple landing page with Symphony. I would like to keep other configuration roles that are goods for performance and security.

I think to skip roles (commented) like mariadb (no need of DB), wp-cli and wordpress-setup in server.yml, but wordpress-setup seems to be related to configuration with TLS/SSL Let’s Encrypt.

Is it possible to provision with Trellis and get a functional web server for an other framework than WordPress just by removing these roles?

Also the wordpress_sites definition in group vars production add a doubt about this possibility of provisioning for something else.

Thank you

What have you tried so far? :smiley:

Please go down the path of trying things out first before asking whether or not you can.

You can also read up on previous discussions about Trellis & Laravel, including the open issue/PR on GitHub.

I have a short delay for this project, so short that I already give the project to an agency because of the uncertainty for the run.

In my experiences with server config, many times everything seemed to work great until I integrated the code that needs something that was missing.

I wanted to check if someone else has already experience with this.

I will give a try and read about Trellis Laravel, I had found nothing in my search in issues on Github or elsewhere.

I will come back to add my experience if it concludes right.

Thank you

via GH search