Provisioning hanging on multiple tasks. SSH issue?

I’ve got an annoying issue with provisioning to DO droplets. It will hang with no error output on multiple tasks. Reprovisioning will then allow that task to complete until it hits the next hanging task. Reprovisioning again will allow the task to complete until the next hanging task and so on and so on. It means it takes 5-6 attempts to get a completed provision.

It does seems to hang on the same handful of tasks, 'Install MySQL Server", “Checking Essentials” and “Install Python”

I wondered if it was an SSH thing so I rebuilt my keys but the same problem is occurring. It happens with multiple Trellis installs, some fresh, some existing, on multiple DO droplets.

I’m a but stumped on how to troubleshoot this because there’s no error output when running with the -vv flag it literally just hangs. Any ideas would be appreciated!