Provisioning with --tags nginx-includes failed with letsencrypt error

I have modified a file under /nginx-includes and I wanted to provision it with --tags nginx-includes but I got an error that a letsencrypt file was not found. It was looking for: /etc/nginx/ssl/letsencrypt/ bundled.cert but the file there is called:
Maybe because letsencrypt has been updated?
Is there any way to work around this? A complete provision for a modified include would be quite gross…

Do you have this commit?

Either way a full reprovision should only take a few minutes.

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@MWDelaney Yes, I had this commit. Still reprovisioning doesn’t work work for me. Also the server certificate renewal failed now. What to do? Complete reprovision?

Does it make sense to delete the old cert maybe?

Hm, I just tried again a reprovision with --tags letsencrypt and it went through without a problem (and in no time). Certificate correctly renewed and all. Really don’t know what I did here before.
So everything’s fine, sorry for the hassle.