[QUESTION] Project Viability

It’s so cool integrate Blade and Illuminate in Wordpress. Thanks a lot, is awesome.

I have two questions about this project.

Proyect size
Usually the size of one custom Wordpress theme is from 3MB ~ 10MB , but SAGE 279.6 MB in disk. This a lot. Naturally if remove node_modules (178.1 MB) we have one project with 100.9 MB. Its ok, but i don’t know, for me is to much.

Speed & performance
Wordpress is ugly (we all know), the speed in the site depends of how are created your queries. How is the “real speed” and the performance (i mean, in a production env)?

This seems very large. Even my largest themes are only about 20MB with without node_modules. Are you optimizing your images before using them in your assets?

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Sage doesn’t do anything different with WordPress’s queries to improve or degrade its performance. It’s still just WordPress.