Questions from a newbie

I use a host that supports SSH, bedrock, sage etc. I want to install bedrock and sage on my live domain. I am currently going to work on the live domain.

I have 3 questions

  • Should I change bedrock to production mode during the development or change it when the site is done?

  • If I active Production mode, can I make the same changes in the code etc. that I could in Development mode?

  • And also, what is the difference between production mode and development mode for Bedrock and Sage?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

We don’t recommend doing this. Sage build tooling especially is not intended to be run in a remote environment. You should work in a local environment, then push your code up to the remote environment. Working on a live production URL is dangerous: Nobody’s code is perfect, and by working in production you expose yourself to a lot of potential problems.

“Production” mode in Bedrock really only affects things like error reporting—in production it isn’t as verbose, so as to keep potential leaks of information via errors to a minimum, and too make things feel more “production-like.” It doesn’t affect the what code you can write.

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