Quick Soil questions

Is there anything in the current release of the Soil plugin that is only Sage related? I’m thinking no, but just double checking.

Also, with one license can I use it on my local, development and production? Maybe weird question but I have run into issues with this in the past.


Nope! You can use it with any theme

Yes :+1:

Do I need a license to use soil plugin?

Please purchase a Soil license if you’ll be using it commercially.

This was a bit confusing for me as well.

https://roots.io/sage/docs/extend/ - Lists Soil as a “Recommended Plugin”, but then has a section below outlining “Premium Plugins”. This initially led me to believe Soil was free.

https://roots.io/plugins/soil/ - Doesn’t really explain what the license covers, or which installations require you to purchase a license. How does a license get linked to a site, or is it the honor system?

Happy to be paying, by the way. You guys are awesome!

That should probably be updated. Soil went to a premium plugin model not too long ago.

The license covers one site. You don’t need to buy a license if you have a development and staging site, it’s covered.

And there is absolutely no license check, so it is very much on the “honor system”. All the source is on Github.

Please purchase a Soil license if you’ll be using it commercially.

Safe to assume that non-profits count as non-commercial? How about a government site? I work on both fairly regularly.

I’ve been using my own modified version of an old Roots starter for a long while now to start sites but would like to start over and get all the latest goodness you guys pour into this.

Non-profits and governments both pay for websites, right? There currently aren’t any specific licensing requirements, so for now it’s up to you. In the near future I’ll be updating the site with the specifics and throw up a blog post with more details.

Absolutely. I didn’t mean to imply they didn’t! Also not trying to get a freebie—just need to know what’s up.

As you’re working on the language update consider that there are (at least) two scenarios for non-profit/govt work. One is they contract it out to a for-profit developer (agency/whatever) and the other is something being built by in-house developers. In the first scenario, the agency aims to profit whereas the latter is entirely non-profit.

Also, there’s a difference between ‘not making a profit’ and a 501c3 that may or may not be worth expressing clearly.

All that said, if by ‘non-commercial’ you mean ‘personal non-commercial’ use just make that clear.