Random question about the nature of Sage 9/Controller compared to JS frameworks

This might be better suited to a thread titled “dumb questions that don’t deserve a new thread”…

I’ve been looking at JS Frameworks recently and in particular Ember. I’ve found going through the docs really easy to follow in large part because of how Controller works in Sage. In that you seperate logic/content in one file, and output the layout in another.

So my question … is the way Sage 9/Controller works a model of Ember, or of many/all JS Frameworks, or of programming in general?

I’m just curious is all! I really like how the Roots framework teaches things that work outside WordPress … by using something as familiar as WordPress.

A lot of systems (like Roots and probably Ember) are drawing their modeling on the MVC pattern, which is pretty old. Roots kind of…skips the “model” part of the pattern, since WordPress itself kind of serves as the model.


Ahh see now I’ve heard of MVC and I’m getting my head around that this is what I’m looking at now. Thanks.