Really REALLY Stuck. -changing base file causing alignment issues

Ok, maybe a little hard to explain, but the site I am presently working on, I am having an issue with a margin of 15px at the right hand side.

its hard to explain but if anyone wants to look at my beta-site to see what I am talking about, it’s here

User aubrey
password middleton

I want to have full bands of colour going across my page, (as you can see now) but the content ‘contained’ in the normal 960 ish width, and i cant do this when content is in the ‘container’ element.
to solve this, I removed it from ‘base php’ and put it back within individual pages
this has the effect of causing a 15px margin to the right of my theme and the whole page ‘wiggles’ left to right
so i also removed ‘row’ from base.php which fixes it but then i have a margin either side of my full width content so thats no good either.

Im totally at a loss how to fix this, - but i see plenty of sites where its achieved, I just dont know whats causing it?

As per usual, writing this caused a flash of inspiration. so i will also write in my fix in case it comes up again or anyone else has the same issue or a better suggestion.

i removed class “container” from base.php
i added a class called “marginfix” in its place, and gave that a margin left and right of 15px

that stopped the sideways scrolling, but i then had a margin of 15px either side of any elements in the "container’ classes.
to fix this i added the row class just inside.

maybe messy but it works and less messy than a wobbly web page?

Not sure if this is a fix as well, but you can always adjust the width of your container in your LESS file. Also, Bootstrap 3 has margin-left/margin-right of -15px for the row class, that i seem to always be overriding…

Not sure I totally understand where you are coming from but I created a fluid container class that I attached to sections I wanted full-width. For example I wanted the footer full-width.

.container-fluid {
width: 100%;
margin: 0 auto;

@onemore2013 mainly wanting the background colour to go across the page full width in ‘sectors’, using different ‘bands’ of colour but keep the content ‘contained’ to a smaller width. - see i told you i was having difficulty explaining

@jayseventwo - thats EXACTLY it! its that bloody row that caused it!!!

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