Recommendations for local development

Hi folks!

We’re struggling with how we should setup our local development environments. Currently we develop multiple sites AND a few themes. Our (sage 9 based) themes have their own GiT-reposes and our (bedrock based) sites also have their seperate reposes. Each site has its own repos since each site uses different plugins and .env vars. Each site fetches its theme via composer and that all works fine in our production environment but how should we handle our local environment? If we place the theme within the bedrock folder we get a git repos in another repos and that, as you might know, is all bad. So, how have you solved this? Obviously we could setup a local bedrock installation that is not a repos and then place all the theme reposes in the /themes folder but that just doesn’t seem like a good way to go…

Git Subtree might solve this issue for you.

I just keep everything in one repo: Trellis, Bedrock, and Sage. Makes it easier to manage.

Alternatively I’m pretty sure you could just add your theme to the site’s .gitignore and you wouldn’t have to worry about mixing your repos.

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