Recommended Bedrock+Sage+Git+Capistrano Workflow

Do correct me if I’m wrong, but after poring through the forums there seems to be a little confusion (on the part of the community) surrounding the relationship between Bedrock+Sage (with its gulp/bower/composer etc based workflow) and Git.

I completely understand the logic behind not committing compiled files to source control (Austin Pray’s article was very helpful) and I’m very open to learning a new workflow, which I gather revolves largely around $ gulp --production, and the steps that follow.

I would happily pay for a screencast that outlines a best practice workflow for developing locally, committing source files to source control and building+deploying to staging and production environments – all relating of course to a Bedrock+Sage setup. I know this type of thing is very much based on personal preference, and may be outside Root’s scope of support, but I thought I’d express my interest. As I’ve said, Roots products have dramatically improved my work, and this would get me over the line in terms of completing a project from beginning to end.

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We definitely have some more screencasts planned and a couple around what you’re proposing. But really quickly your workflow can/should? look like this:

  1. Have a Bedrock based WP project with Sage as the theme
  2. Use bedrock-ansible to get create Vagrant box
  3. Develop on the Vagrant box (using gulp watch for example)
  4. Commit changes as usual
  5. Use bedrock-ansible or manually create a remote staging/prod server
  6. Use Capistrano to deploy your project to staging/prod
  7. As part of the Capistrano deploy, run gulp --production

That’s pretty much it. You can optionally run gulp --production locally as part of the Cap deploy and just copy the files to the remote server. It’s been documented on this forum.


Hey Scott, looking forward to those screencasts. Thank you for the notes.

I am currently using a Homebrew AMP stack. Am I right in thinking this means I don’t need to set up a Vagrant box?

Capistrano is something I’m still new to, so I’ll continue learning and see how I go in the meantime.

Appreciate the help, cheers.

Correct. If you already have a working dev setup then just use that.

I’m also searching a good way to do this. Currently, my deploy is copying the dist folder from sage, but I don’t know how to make it copy the folder under it. I don’t need to version control sage and bedrock, I’m just versioning bedrock… Would that be OK? I also don’t want to copy source files to the server as well.

EDIT: of course I could just delete .git folder. Now my staging.rb is copying dist folder to the server. I believe it’s an ok workflow now.

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I’m very much looking forward to new screencasts. At present I have purchased every screencast available, but still feel like there are missing pieces to the puzzle that stop me from using Bedrock. I’d very much like a video that takes you through a full project setup with git source control and deployment with Bedrock / Sage.


I did the same, the screencast help, but if you are starting there is so much more you have to figure out by yourself.

It would be nice a course from scratch, going from zero to staging / production website.


+1 - the learning curve on all the tooling required to get sage+bedrock+trellis working is insane. I’m trying to hand a project I’ve built on this site off to another pretty competent developer and he is so lost - I’m just thinking about cranking out reams of documentation. Maybe I can help contribute it back to this project when I’m done.

Any progress on this? I’m also looking for guidance.

Any new screencast for Bedrock + Sage + Capistrano workflow?