Reduce the amount of log emails

Hi to all,

I’ve set up admin_email into my server configuration to get log emails, but every day I get useless emails from cron.daily that says me that logrotate has reopened the logs. Is there a way to reduce the number of emails I get from all my servers every day? Maybe setting a log level variable to warning/error.

Thank you.

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The 3rd party logrotate role doesn’t appear to have any option built in for managing cron notifications. The closest discussion I found at that project after hasty search was

Trellis doesn’t yet accommodate adjustments to applications’ built-in cron at this point, so I think it’s up to you to make adjustments at this point. Perhaps you’d decide to write a cron task to override the default logrotate cron, redirecting stdout (and stderr?) to /dev/null like docs example:
job: "ls -alh > /dev/null".

Note this concept:

Cron will attempt to send an email with any output that may have occurred when the command was run… So to disable it for a specific crontab entry just capture all of the commands output and either direct it to a file or to /dev/null. – ref

Maybe someone else will have better guidance or info.

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Thank you! Very helpful, I’ll look into it. Anyway, it’s annoying that the 3rd party logrotate role doesn’t have a built-in option to manage the log level for email notifications.