Regarding Menus, specifically Ubermenu - Themes shouldn’t remove core functionality from WordPress

From the integration instructions for the Ubermenu into Roots (now Sage).

Roots does a lot of non-standard things to alter the normal WordPress installation, and this can be problematic for plugins. One main issue this theme presents is that it strips core WordPress Menu Item classes that are necessary for UberMenu to style the menu properly. Here is the code from Roots’ lib/nav.php line 55…

See this link to view the full post:

I am interested in hearing from anyone who can add further insight to this.

I’ve always been a great fan of the Ubermenu. It provides many options that would be quite difficult to code from scratch when it comes to menu systems.

I have a good working relationship with Chris Mavricos, the lead developer of Ubermenu. (I mean I have used Ubermenu for many years, and he has always been tremendously supportive, helpful, and open to suggestions for improvements, so he knows who I am).

That’s not terribly important in context of the question, although I probably would like to use Ubermenu again.

I am much more interested in the wider context of this argument with regards to established and very well regarded plugins such as the Ubermenu?

Is what is being said here correct?

Themes shouldn’t remove core functionality from WordPress

Is Sage locking us into a singular method, the Sage Way, not the Wordpress Way?

Please do note, I am not looking for an argument or trying to start a flame, so I also would prefer not to hear opinionated responses.

I would really appreciate learning more about the reasoning behind the methods in order to understand how it will affect my decisions as I begin to develop in Sage.



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It’s a starter theme, made to be modified for your own needs. If you are not using a feature of the theme, remove it or replace it with something else. Lots of these types of features have been moved to the Soil plugin, and those are all opt-in.

Also, that doc seems very outdated and no longer correct.

Gotcha, thanks. Will try it out, and also ask Chris to update his docs for Sage now that old Roots has evolved.