Relinking bedrock project (trellis) to existing VirtualBox


I am starting using Bedrock / trellis as development stack when I work with Wordpress. Everything is pretty cool and I thank you guys a lot for this awesome work.

What is worrying me:

From some days on and for unknown reason my current project does not start the Virtualbox VM instance which was related with. Looks like I did something wrong and my project is not longer bound to the the VM instance it was used to be bound.

As result now every time I run > $ vagrant up a new Virtual box VM instance is created with a brand new database. :frowning: and the old one remains powered off in the VM VirtualBox Manager.

So my question is: How can I attach my current project to the old and good VirtualBox VM instance?

I guess this post is a little bit off-topic because is about the tools trellis is based about (vagrant / virtual box) instead trellis itself but any guidance will be welcome.


It’s been a while since I jumped into Vagrant’s hidden files, but I know that the ID’s of a vagrant box are supposed to match in project/.vagrant folder and I believe in the home folder, ~/.vagrant.d, something along those lines. You might be able to try and match those up.

However, you’re saying that every time you vagrant up, it creates a new box? Or is it just the first time, and then it would continue to use the new box?

If you’re in that type of situation, really the only issue is the database from the old VM. I would suggest just SSH-ing into the old box, doing a database dump, and importing that to the new VM. Whole point of vagrant boxes and local development is that the box is pretty disposable :wink:


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