Remote Hourly Trellis / Bedrock / WordPress REST API Help

Looking for someone comfortable with the Roots ecosystem, particularly with managing/troubleshooting remote deployments using Ansible playbooks.

Work is focused on sanitizing clunky WordPress sites, moving them off shared hosting providers to DigitalOcean, then adding some custom WP REST API routes to facilitate migrating to a React frontend.

To start work will be lumpy and not very time sensitive. Depending how the project evolves it may require into something more regular and time sensitive. We can cross that bridge when we get there. :slight_smile:

DM me with your background, rates and any questions!

Are you sure the sites you’re moving are capable of running on PHP7.2 and with WordPress in a subdirectory?

I’ve been in charge of moving old sites to Trellis on and off for a few years now and most of the time they’re just too dependent on old versions of PHP or specific directory structures to move without significant rework.

I would make confirming the sites are capable of running in Trellis your primary concern.

Yes getting the sites running in Trellis is the first step! So far I’ve been able to get sites onto Trellis without too much issue, the bigger challenges have been cleaning up bloated DBs and untangling plugins.

For those trouble sites you’ve hit, where is the problematic customization taking place? Within a theme, plugins? Have you generally been able to get them over to Trellis or what did you end up doing?

Both plugins and themes have been issues. Most of the time the problem plugins are CodeCanyon purchases that have never been updated and are long out of support. There’s not a good solution unless you want to spend hours refactoring someone else’s plugin code.

Rarer but stil notable are Plugin Directory plugins that just don’t work in 7.2.

Themes are almost always a problem and need at least some fixing to work.

Mostly there’s no budget for it, so we abandon the task and leave the site to age on shared hosting.

100% with @MWDelaney. Themes migration are the most challenging specially if they are old/abandon.
I have some scripts that somehow tell me how difficult the migration is which help me assert the cost of it.