Remove Sidebar From The Events Calendar

Hey, I am new here so please forgive me if I am asking something that has already been answered.

I am using the Tribes calendar and I want the sidebar from my site to be removed. I have gone through this post, but it doesnt work: Roots and Modern Tribe's Events Calendar

I have created the duplicate default-template.php but nothing happens.

I was having the same issue with woocommerce until I added “‘is_woocommerce’,” to the lib/config.php file and it removed it for woocommerce. Is there the same hack that I can use for the Tribes calendar. I just dont know what to script in: “‘is_tribes’ (???),” I hope someone can help :smile:

Thanks for any feedback that you can give me.

look at Full Width Posts.
I am not familiar with the tribes calendar, but the solution should be similar.

Add these to your lib/config.php first array for sidebars to rule them out:

array('is_singular', 'tribe_events'),
array('get_post_type', array('tribe_events'))
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This works, but unfortunately, it removes the sidebar from every other page as well? Functions as if is_page were added to the array.

I have the same problem and I have to delete roots and develop a new theme by myself. Plz help us because I really like Roots.

Hi guys !

I just tried :
And It works now.
Just take a look at for your functions u wanna detect.

Hi, I’m also trying to get the sidebar removed from all of Event Calendar pages using:

array(‘is_singular’, ‘tribe_events’),
array(‘get_post_type’, array(‘tribe_events’))

However, it also removes sidebars from all other singular pages such as on the blog page.

What may have changed since 2014?

Furthermore, the filtering is not working as expected either:

add_filter(‘sage/display_sidebar’, NAMESPACE . ‘\sage_sidebar_on_special_page’);

function sage_sidebar_on_special_page($sidebar) {
if (array(‘is_singular’, ‘tribe_is_event’)) {
return false;
return $sidebar;

Not sure about the rest of your issue, but this conditional will always return true, and therefore your function will always return false:

if (array(‘is_singular’, ‘tribe_is_event’)) 

You’re creating an array and then (effectively) casting it to a boolean, which will always be true because it exists.

I’m guessing you probably want a conditional more like this:

if (is_singular() || tribe_is_event())

Also, based on Modern Tribes conditional events, the following also removes the sidebar but does so on other post pages as well:

array ( tribe_is_event() && is_single() )

Thank you for the response. The condition you posted also removes it from all post type pages.

Because you need to pass the post types you want to is_singular(). explains how to use it.


You’re also posting code with fancy quotes and the filter you’re using isn’t calling the function correctly. It’s NAMESPACE . '\\function_name — note the two \\'s, not one…


If you provide this as a conditional, i.e. if (array ( tribe_is_event() && is_single() )) it will always return true because you’re passing an array as a boolean, which will always return true.

In theory, this conditional should return true on individual calendar events and calendar event archives:

if (tribe_is_event() || is_post_type_archive('tribe_events'))

Ben, thanks for the clarification. That works perfectly… my apologies but it’s not very clear in the docs or perhaps I’m an idiot.

Also, in the docs you only have one \

Link please

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Now I feel stupid agian… but I copied the above directly from the page and didn’t remove that back slash.

Anyways, thanks again.