Rename development to local

Alo! Please I need some help to know where I have to make changes if I want to rename the enviroment development to local.


I’m assuming your talking about Trellis?

What have you tried so far? Why not just try giving a shot at renaming the “development” strings found within the project to “local”? Should be pretty straightforward.

Thanks again for the help @ben, like you subject I get work what I want but I only change some files not all you are showing me, after run vagrant up I have my local with the new environment running.

That are the files I change.


Line 11

config_file = File.join(ANSIBLE_PATH, 'group_vars', 'local', 'wordpress_sites.yml')

Line 78

'local' => ['default']


  - example.local
local_path: ../site # path targeting local Bedrock site directory (relative to Ansible root)
site_install: true
site_title: Example
admin_user: admin
admin_password: admin
admin_email: admin@example.local

  enabled: false
  subdomains: false

  enabled: false
  enabled: false
  duration: 30s

  disable_wp_cron: true
  wp_home: http://example.local
  wp_siteurl: http://example.local/wp
  wp_env: local
  db_name: example_local
  db_user: root
  db_password: root`

hosts/development (Rename file to local)

# Not used. Vagrant generates its own hosts file automatically and uses it



Line 54

ansible-playbook ${ANSIBLE_PATH}/dev.yml -i ${TEMP_HOSTS}/local --sudo --user=vagrant --connection=local

Files and folders rename

trellis/group_vars/development/main.yml → trellis/group_vars/local/main.yml
trellis/group_vars/development/php.yml → trellis/group_vars/local/php.yml
trellis/group_vars/development/wordpress_sites.yml → trellis/group_vars/local/wordpress_sites.yml
trellis/group_vars/development/mail.yml → trellis/group_vars/local/mail.yml

You think I need also to change the file travis.yml