[Resolved] Media / Uploads Problems

Hi All,

Using Roots and bedrock, love it, no problems with the latest versions.

I have a site that I built ages ago, using an old version of Roots. I’m trying to convert it so I can use bedrock (Capistrano) to manage it.

Everything is working great, my only issue is that when I cap deploy, the images are not showing because /media in the image URL is not pointing to the web/app/uploads directory.

I’ve read through the threads on here but got confused, anybody got any clues how I can get /media to point to web/app/uploads?

Edit. Fixed, Realised what the problem was, doh :wink:

Well, you shared your woes — why not share your solution as well?

(Will help folks who end up here from the same situation)

I wish there was a way to delete posts in this forum :wink:

Okay, so I took the difficult and extremely technical step of changing the ‘Store uploads in this folder’ option in the media settings screen to ‘app/uploads’.