Responsive image handling with data attr or other directions

Does anyone have any experience they wish to share when dealing with serving responsive images either with data-attr, JS plugin like HiSRC or handling server side.

Seems there are a few ways to skin this cat and I am curious on any thoughts or lessons learned.

Also curious if something like this plugins approach makes sense to pull in to Roots as an optional image handle in the config WP Responsive Data Image – WordPress plugin |

@buretta If you are just trying to scale your images to the parent object then you would use Bootstrap’s img-responsive class

Thanks @talves , but what I am discussing is a more “right image for right resolution”.

Adding the class does scale the image, but it doesn’t alter the fact that a mobile device will download the same size file as a desktop.

The few suggestive paths I provided are just me being curious and hoping to gain some extended knowledge before I start on my own exploration of the many ways to handle images in responsive frameworks beyond the width 100% approach.

Further to this, I wanted to see if this train of thought could be a function in the config at some point. As handling images as I am suggesting could be part of roots extending yet another valuable reason to choose it as your starter theme.

I thougth so @buretta, but wanted to make sure.

I think it would be a great plugin to add to the roots theme at the least.