Roots based themes for sale?

Where can I buy themes that are based on Roots? Anyone developed some that is available for sale?

There’s some on ThemeForest (although I’ll say that they are usually typical ThemeForest themes, if you’re into that) but we’ll be getting some up on the site soon.

What type of themes are you looking for?

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I’ve been waiting patiently for your announced themes :slight_smile: Got an ETA?

I’m looking for something not too different from Roots’s own website. Clean and simple, but that can easily be customized and modified by some experienced CSS/PHP coders (in other words, it doesn’t need to be too much hand holding).

I haven’t seen anything on ThemeForest yet (I’ve tried searching, have just found some Bootstrapish themes…).

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Any updates on this? I didnt’t see any themes on the site for sale. i would like to purchase one to help me look through and learn Sage a bit better. Are there tutorial resources that I can use other than the ebook? I purchased that also and was very helpful. Thanks again for the awesome setup!

This is on hold for a bit until things settle down in the Gutenberg world. Might have some more news later this year :slight_smile:

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