Roots css broken when using varying-vagrant-vagrants


i’ve got my local testing environment all set up with vagrant using the ‘varying-vagrant-vagrants’ project:

only problem is the roots ccs is broken when used in this environment – the same roots folder which is broken in ‘vvv’ works when tested with mamp. so it must be something to do with roots in this particular set up.

i’ve tested other themes in ‘vvv’ and they all work fine.

is anyone else having this problem or is there a fix i should be aware of?

many thanks.

You need to add the rewrites to the Nginx config or you need to disable the rewrites in lib/config.php

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VVV uses Nginx, so make sure you do the Roots 101 setup for Nginx redirects, and verify your redirects are working correctly.

ok, thanks guys! disabling rewrites in lib/config.php has done the trick but would prefer to keep them.

i’ve looked over the roots 101 setup and am a little unsure how and in what file to place the roots rewrites in the ‘vvv’ set up?

many thanks!

Best to refer to the VVV docs for that type of issue. Looks like the Nginx config stuff is covered in the ReadMe:

ok, will do. thanks for the help! cheers