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Roots Discourse Password Resets Delays

I needed to reset my password here a couple of days ago and the password reset took just under 40 hours to arrive. (Requested reset ~5:00pm Wednesday, reset email arrived ~8:30am Friday local time)

I just went looking to migrate/add my Google details to avoid this in the future but alas I can’t do that so I’ll just make sure I save my password in my password manager this time :wink:

The background task that does password resets and other emails wasn’t working for a bit. I manually restarted everything earlier today which got it working again so that’s why it took so long. Sorry about that!

We’ll be keeping an eye on this again now.

Thanks Scott,

I presume as I am ‘watching’ this thread I should also receive an email notifications, I didn’t (just checked my inbox again to make sure I hadn’t missed it, and, no, nowhere to be found)

Also in my prefs I am subscribed to ‘daily’ digests and these also seem to arrive irregularly, in total I only received 15 for March and thus far for April only 4.

Oddly enough I just got an email for your reply :smile:.

I just checked and there is intermittent failures going on with emails. We’ll keep looking into it.

Ha! So did I :wink: Thanks :slight_smile: