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Who fancies another meetup in London?

I’m currently paying for another meetup I’m running and so I’ve “stepped up” as the organiser for the group. I’ve always been a fan of the Roots meetups as they’re full of professionals using the latest technologies for actual real work and so I’d love to help keep the group going.

Where should it be?

I’m not native to London but these days I am spending an ever-increasing amount of time down there so I’m not currently aware of the best places to host a meetup; does anyone have any suggestions?

The Trampery was a nice venue, I might give them a call soon unless anyone has some space in their offices they could offer to host some of London’s finest PHP developers (and also myself) for the night.

When’s best for you?

I’m thinking of running the next meetup in a month or two after work (18:00 - 21:00) on a weekday. Are there any WordPress events going on that you’ll be travelling to London for?

Who wants to help?

If you’d like to help out, in any way, from providing a venue suggestion to becoming a co-organiser then please let me know either below or in a DM.

Does your company have bundles of cash lying around the office, just waiting for someone to trip over it?

If you’d like to give back to the community and sponsor some food and drinks then please send me a DM. I’m sure we’ll find a way to put your company’s name and logo up on the big screen in front of all the hungry, talented and impressionable individuals that will be there.

We’ve moved studios now and the new studio is a pretty decent space for this sort of event. We’re getting a projector installed in the studio soon (not sure if it would be in time but hopefully) which obviously lends itself to presentations and demos. It’s close to Old Street (10 minutes walk) or Angel (15 minutes walk). We’d happily provide drinks and nibbles too.

We’ve already hosted one event, so no offence taken if you’d like somewhere else :slight_smile:

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Who fancies another meetup in London?

I do!

Where should it be?

As I mentioned in the other thread, I can talk to my buddy at the Trampery again as an option.

When’s best for you?

First week in August maybe? Too soon?

Who wants to help?

I’ll happily help with working out the venue or anything else really.

Does your company have bundles of cash lying around the office, just waiting for someone to trip over it?

Afraid I don’t have any bundles of cash but I’d happily contribute for drinks/food.

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I’m good with any of these.

How about a smaller, less formal meetup at a bar (or two or three) in the next few weeks and a bigger one at the new CKD studio / Trampery / Today at a later date?

Sounds like a plan @paul_tibbetts - a number of Meetups I’ve attended before start like this.

As it’s holiday season, perhaps it’s an idea to get the week that the majority are available, and then we can figure out the specific date and time.

If you think that’s a good idea, then check out this Doodle poll: and simply add your name and tick the weeks that work for you.

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Sounds good to me @paul_tibbetts.

Good idea @doug , I’ve added the dates I can do to the doodle, cheers.

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Added my dates - As long as I have a bit of notice so I can sort out childcare duties.

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Thanks all - we’ll let it run until Friday, I guess, in case we get 1 or 2 more :slight_smile: Then it’s only bloody August already…

We’ve prob got a nice amount of people to start. Just enough to have some sort of format (maybe lightening talks or demos for example).

Hi all - the results are in!

So it looks like we’re all available in the first 2 weeks of August… now to pick the day!

I would propose the 2nd week of August just to give people enough notice (and we’re all available then).

Doodle time (again!):


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Hi all - just a gentle nudge to fill in the second doodle form as next week is approaching fast! :slight_smile:


@paul_tibbetts - did we figure out where we would meet?

Blimey you’re spoiling us with these doodle’s @doug! Entered my dates, cheers!

Thanks @Josh_Ellis

Well it seems like next Tuesday or Wed next week is best.

@paul_tibbetts - if you can confirm this + location, that’d be great :slight_smile:

I can def. do tues & potentially do weds - would just have to clear it first.

Hi all! Happy Sunday.

I’m not sure if @paul_tibbetts is away or not seeing these messages, but as we’re a couple of days away from the day we’re all available and at risk of treading on toes, I think we will have to sort out a location.

Unless @Josh_Ellis can wangle something again at Trampery (not that the free wine and beer they very kindly gave us has ANYTHING to do with it…), then perhaps we should consider something like Leon as often you can get decent-sized tables, and it’s very laid back/casual.

While the venue isn’t the best for doing something like lightning talks, we might consider a bit of a show 'n tell of how we each use the Roots stack, as well as a general catchup.

Also, is it worth putting on Very short notice now…

What do y’all think?

Sorry all, laptop had a :tropical_drink: spilled down it so I’ve been trying to fix the keys (settled on a bluetooth keyboard for now)

I’m good with something informal at Leon and it looks like Tuesday’s the better day for everyone.

We all good with 6 on Tuesday @ Leon in Spitalfields?

Can do, won’t do any harm (although might be too much short notice unless you’ve been following this thread) but I would be interested in talking about the next one and putting that on Meetup.

He’s here! Was it really a fruity looking cocktail related incident? :smiley:

Tue @ 6 @ Leon is perfect! Looking forward to it - see you all there!

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Piña Colada - and now the keys are stuck to their hinges and snap off when I try to clean them :cry:

Sounds great, see you guys there!

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Running a tad late be there in 15 minutes

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I’m here - inside and left… (near the toilets, but I’m some other tables with power sockets have just freed up)