Roots London Meetup

Thanks all for coming last week.

Here’s what I’d written down by the end of the night:

# .gitlab-ci.yml
  stage: deploy
  - echo 'Nothing to do...'
    - public
  - master

Who’d be up for presentations at the next meetup?

I would if I knew what others would be interested in hearing (I’ve got an introduction to the Roots stack presentation in note form but I think we’re all passed that).

For me personally, I’d love to hear about building a Sage 9 site with React or Vue.js


Hey mates!

I’m going to be back in London in December and this time for a few weeks. So if y’all are still doing this I’d love to meet up and attend a cool talk or give one or whatever. Or just get some drinks.

Also, shameless self plug (oh wait that’s this whole thing), but I’m still looking for places to stay so if anyone has a couch, extra room for rent, or knows of a good hostel please let me know. Feel free to DM me here or tweet me or whatever.

Cheers! Hope to get to see you guys again.


Good to here from you Julien!

I’m sure we could put something together, even if it’s informal drinks somewhere? How long are you over for?


3 weeks! Might take a side trip but mostly gonna be in London!

Hey Julien,

I’m up for a get-together - I’ve made a Doodle poll to find the best date.

You’re welcome to stop at mine if you venture up to Birmingham (1.5 hours on the train) but I’m afraid I don’t have a spare room/bed down in London, I have to slum it on my friends sofa when I travel down myself.

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Nice one, I’m around that week.

@JulienMelissas if you get stuck for a place to stay let me know

@JulienMelissas @nathobson let me know if you are going to be around!

@chrisk2020 I’ll be around, definitely up for getting something together. I put some dates in the poll above.

@JulienMelissas Would love to help out with putting you up but recently found out there’s a baby on the way so not too sure how my fiancée would feel about that!

I’m still up for it but calender is getting busier. Also, an East London venue would be great.

@nathobson Congrats! Summertime babies are the best :sunny:

@kuxi Thanks!

We’ve finally got our projector installed here and some good space so I’d be happy to host here (10 min walk from Old Street). Open to options though.


Hey folks! Sorry for being so bad about getting back to y’all on the thread. Looks like I’ll be in London from the 16/17th to the 28th now, which makes the Doodle dates kinda null… I was going to be there sooner but honestly it was too expensive to be in London for that long haha.

Here’s another Doodle!

Anyways, if you’re still up for it, I’m going to be pretty free that week of the 19th, so please let me know if you all want to get together individually. Also, looking for good places to co-work/hang out still!

@nathobson - congrats man! Hopefully my dates don’t throw things off too much.
@kuxi, thanks for the offer, and I’ll let you know if I’ll take you up on it. Still working out lodging for about 5 days…



Looks like I might end up in Edinburgh from the 16th -> 18th…

Should I even update the Doodle or am I gonna have a Roots party in a pub all by myself?

Ha. I’ll likely be around whatever the dates. I’m sure we can get at least a few of us together.


Word @nathobson! I updated the Doodle. Put yo’sef in there if ya want.

Still looking for the place I’m going to end up staying in London from the 19th -> 22nd, so I won’t know exactly where I’ll be, but it’s not too hard to get anywhere from anywhere else haha.

I’ve added my dates to the new Doodle poll, I can do either week until Wednesday the 22nd :thumbsup:

@JulienMelissas if you’re still stuck for co-working spaces my team and I recently went to Library for the day which was nice and quiet. We’ve also had a Roots meetup at The Trampery before which was a cool venue.

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Just seen this and would love to attend but this month is a bit busy! Hopefully we can do this again in 2017.

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Oops guys I fucked up… my trip to Scotland got a bit botched so I decided on Lisbon and then promptly realized I wouldn’t be able to attend the Roots meetup. I know there weren’t that many signed up, I still feel bad :frowning: That said, I’m down to get a pint anytime from the 22nd until the 29th. Let me know via a DM!