Roots, Media folder and git version control

I’m developing locally and using git for version control with wordpress as a submodule. My wp-content directory is in the web server root alongside the wordpress submodule (not in it)

Now when roots is activated, my Media directory ends up in the wordpress directory — I’m wondering if this is the best way to manage this in terms of version control?

Should I be taking steps to move the media directory outside of the wordpress directory? Or is it OK there?

It shouldn’t be in there. The submodule should remain intact so you should move it.

OK, thanks, so how best to setup the location of the media folder on my local development setup — I’m following the structure laid out by in the Wordpress Skeleton here: where wp-content sits alongside a directory containing wordpress core, rather than in it.

When I activated Roots, it wrote the Media folder as /wordpress/media inside the submodule but maybe I can override this somehow to keep the submodule intact?

EDIT: I’ve changed my Media Settings in Wordpress so that the Media directory is now in the root of the web server.

We’ve got a fix coming soon to how Roots sets the /media folder. It will fix the issue with submodules and if you use Composer as well.

That’s great — thanks for the reply. I have a workable solution for now but will look forward that change.