Roots + Multisite

I see “Rewrites aren’t supported for multisite installations” I’m about to start a new project that may at a later date get moved to WordPress Multisite - possibly with a few sites using roots.

If the site goes to Multisite, is it just a question of disabling relative URLs and rewrites in lib/config.php? Any other problems using Roots + Multisite?

I’ve been using roots on a multisite instance (with almost 100 sites) over the last couple of years and I had no serious problems so far. You also don’t need to explicitly disable rewrites, roots does this automatically on lib/rewrites.php.

I remember having some problems with relative urls and cross domain requests on Chrome when using Wordpress Ajax API with the domain mapping plugin. You probably can solve it with some CORS headers, but in my case, disabling relative urls on lib/config.php was easier. I’m not sure if this bug still happens on newer versions of Wordpress and Roots, though. Since then, both changed a lot.

Perhaps, but I don’t think the rewrites have changed for quite a while, at least in the last 9 months or so.

But speaking from experience in using the redirects on a client’s Godaddy hosting account, which worked for about a week and then simply broke for no reason, and of course Godaddy support had no idea what the issue was, I can say that disabling rewrites is very easy, just commenting out that function.

Don’t use Roots theme rewrites with Godaddy hosting… Godaddy gets confused with those two lines added to the .htaccess. Silly Godaddy

Thank you both very much. I feel much more confident starting this project with roots.

And I won’t be using GoDaddy, I have been very happy with WPEngine - but you do have to ask them to do the Nginx rewrites for roots.

I think there’s an area in the Wpengine dashboard where you can add your own rewrites not. I don’t remember if i had to set just the assets folder or the assets/img, assets/js, etc. individually or not. It might be better if they set up the correct “try” block on second thought.