Roots Newbie

Hello Forum!

I would like some start up advice please.

I am fairly experienced at developing websites based on starter WP themes. I have used Starkers and Bootstrap (at basic level) as my framework, I have only very recently started to peep over at LESS but hope to use Roots to help me step up and develop my workflow :smile:

1.Is it essential to know LESS to work on your theme?
2.Do I have to install Grunt.?
3.What comes with Bootstrap out of the box? What is the procedure for removing adding components. Can I down load my own customised bootstrap on top of the Roots Theme?


Edits: Minor clarifications, and further introduction.

3.All of Bootstrap comes standard with Roots and yes, you can customize it.

Okay thanks I am convinced :smile:

I feel I am jumping in the deep end but what an amazing pool.