Roots not picking up archive-{custom-post-type}.php [resolved]


I was mistakingly thinking that ‘archive-output.php’ would pick up archives of taxonomy archives associated with the custom post type. adding in a taxonomy-{custom-post-type}.php fixes the issue.

I have a custom post type (‘output’) registered (with ‘has_archive’ set to true).

Roots is picking up ‘single-output.php’ but not ‘archive-output.php’. both of these files are in the base directory and archive-output.php is based on index.php

Any suggestions on something I may have missed?


Thanks for the update!

Dont listen to me, i just added a taxonomy.php and solved, i didnt remember, to much red bull

Hello Im struggling with this - could you tell me what code i need to put into
taxonomy-{custom-post-type}.php ?

I can’t get it to do anything

I tried copying the code from index.php but the taxonomy-cpt.php doesn’t seem to get picked up