Roots Radio – Episode 0

@shaimoom Yeah… I have a soft spot for MAMP / WAMP but over time I discovered how much of a headache it was to keep running compared to using a VM / Vagrant (which Trellis is based on) and it’s all neat and tidy in a container you can take anywhere, and 100% reversible if you totally destroy your LAMP stack.


Awesome guys! Will definitely have to check this out. Love what you guys are doing for Wordpress with Roots.

Loved the first episode, guys!

I got a bit Trellis-happy, spinning up servers left and right and generally getting my pro dev workflow geek groove on. Y’all got me fired up!

On my MacBook Pro, a default Trellis install is significantly faster than one on MAMP, but I’m not sure how much of that is host resources vs. server config yet. Soon, I’ll be MAMP-free and I won’t need twelve steps, I’ll just try to rock the twelve factors. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much and keep up the great podcast!


Great stuff, keep it up!