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Roots Radio – Episode 2

It is Roots Radio time again!

This episode we have on a couple of freelance-type Roots team members to talk about how they got started, how they run their businesses, and how WordPress/Roots projects fit in to that.

Welcome on Julien Melissas and Kalen Johnson!

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Chris Carr – The Host Julien Melissas@JulienMelissas Kalen Johnson@Kalenjohnson

Show Notes/Links:

KalenJohnson.com – Corey Bullman and Julien Melissas agency

Favorite ToolsWP-Migrade DB Pro, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, CMB2

Get InvolvedTrellis 1.0.0 Milestone on GitHub, Sage 8.2.2 Milestone

Ben On Instagram


Thanks for having me on the show guys, it was a lot of fun!

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Great show. Thanks! Keep them coming. I’m putting some time into tinkering with this. I want to use it all (sage, bedrock, trellis). I’ll see if I can handle the trellis/digital ocean part.

Question: Can I use the sage/bedrock/trellis setup to design/build/maintain a theme that can be distributed on

Starting to listen now, will post back with what I think. :smile:

@kalenjohnson has done it, he can probably give you pointers

Ehhh… it’s not quite there yet.

@eric_gauvin, I’ve been working on a simple theme for, it’s here , and trying to get it on the theme repo here.

The toughest part I think has been keeping the PHP 5.4 requirement. I’ve talked with famous Otto who said that having my theme check for PHP 5.4, and if it’s below, switch back to a default theme is a bad idea. What I should do is check for the PHP version, and if it’s below, still load the theme, just use a hook to load one specific template that just says “This theme requires PHP 5.4”, so hopefully I can do that this weekend.

Well also I’m not sure that Sage was ever built to conform to WP Theme Repo standards anyway.

No, definitely not, although they’re not strict about coding standards. Most of the main volunteers in the theme repo would not suggest using the theme wrapper, but they don’t say it’s not allowed.

Honestly, the main thing has been handling PHP 5.4 as a minimum requirement correctly. Not much else from Sage has been a hindrance. I do really want to keep the 5.4 min req though, as that was one of the main reasons I wanted to get the theme into the repository, see how that would be handled :smiley:

Nice podcast :slight_smile: enjoyed it again. So does any of the guys search for a brand/website (multidisciplinary really) designer that works with Roots tools? :slight_smile:

It seems it would be fun to work on a project with you guys :smile:

For me, this was an awesome podcast. I’m glad I took the time to go back and listen to this. Working by myself all day, I get sort of insulated. Thanks for your transparency (pretty admirable) and it was great to hear what other freelancers are doing. It reinforced that at least I am doing some things correctly, or at least not abnormal.


I’m so glad to hear you liked the episode.YES freelancing can be isolating for sure!

As someone new to Freelancing and the world of Roots, this episode was amazingly helpful.
Thank you!