Roots-rewrites and composer

Hi Folks,
I wonder if someone can help with a couple of queries.
I’ve been away from roots for a few months, and now see that roots-rewrites has been moved to a plugin.
I’ve been using composer and would like to add this plugin to the require section…but…
the plugin is not on wp-packagist, AND, the blog suggests that I don’t need this plugin.
Does ‘need’ mean “don’t use this”, or is it simply a recommendation?
I personally love the simplicity of the /assets/img etc setup, and it does provide a little more obscurity.
Cheers in advance for any advice, clarification, or suggestions.


We’re not actively supporting or developing the plugin; and it doesn’t really provide much benefit when using Bedrock or any similar Composer setup.

If you’re adamant to use it, you will need to add it to your project’s composer.json as a package.

Thanks for the clarification. Really appreciated.

Personally, I still use it.

I like obscuring where the files actually live.

@nmac @wynnepirini: As you’re still using it, could you check out and comment on this PR please. Thanks.

Thanks @Foxaii, wildo.