Roots Rewrites Issue?

I apologize in advance if this is an unnecessary post, but I have used Roots several times in the past with no success at getting this plugin to work. I just created a fresh install of WP, installed Roots, and downloaded Roots Rewrite but every time I activate it all of my css disappears. I’ve read about something needing to be changed with .htaccess… In the source it appears correctly ("/assets/css/main.min.css?95c82ed7bf62c24294e66c980500594d"), however something is not correct.

Can someone please describe what I must do once I install the plugin to get this to be “correct”? I’m not using Bedrock or Composer, the concept is out of my mental grasp currently.


Please close this topic. I had an issue with refreshing the permalinks. Simply just go to “Settings”, “Permalinks” and hit save changes after the plugin is activated. I apologize for the confusion.