Roots Stack Pro Mentor wanted

You are highly experienced with complete dev environment (Trellis, Bedrock, Sage) and willing to teach, help, explain and solve all kinds of issues related to You have at least a few years of experience with roots and feel like you had all errors, issues and problems one can have with this? You speak english (or german) fluently and connecting via skype/teamviewer/etc. is fine for you? Maybe it’s you I’m looking for!

I’m a wordpress webdeveloper that switched to Stack from MAMP & CodeKit shortly - yay! I love the roots dev env, but sometimes I run in to serious problems I’m not able to solve by myself (or at least takes reeeealy long). Therefore I need a mentor I can turn to.

I will gladly pay every second of your time - and I pay well if you’re worth it. You set the price.

Please do not respond, if you are not highly familiar and experienced with roots dev env, as I’m looking for a pro mentor and long term relationship.

Looking forward to your response via pm! If you have questions, feel free to use the comment section …


Hello Josia,

Can we discuss more details, please?

My Email:

Have a nice day.

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