Roots theme editor can't update file

Hello, I can’t figure out whether it’s roots’ fault or wordpress’ fault, or maybe my fault. In templates directory I have file called clients.php and I load it directly to base.php, anyway when I edit/update that file with text editor everything is fine but when I press update in apperance- editor I get 404 error… And the file contains only html code with some divs and images… Any thoughts?

Have you tried using a text editor to update the file?
I have very little experience with the WP theme editor so I am not sure why you are getting a 404 error, but it is best to use a standard text editor to edit the file and upload your changes via FTP.

Hey thanks for your response, I have mentioned in my post that I have tried text editor… It works as it should, but the site is for my client and they are not going to edit it through text editor everytime… I could use some sort of plugin here or edit it through custom page/post (?) but it’s just couple of lines with their clients names so I believe best way is to edit it through editor…

Use something like Advanced Custom Fields or another options framework that would allow your client to update values like that without touching templates.

It’s also probably best to use define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true); in your wp-config.php to disallow the editor. This is a default setting in Bedrock.