Roots (Trellis, Bedrock, Sage) Working with Heroku?

Does anyone have the complete Roots suite working and playing well with Heroku?

I have built the static pages of my website with Jekyll and will have WordPress serve the blog in a sub-directory. I tried Ghost and had it working, but there were too many limitations.

Then I tried using the Heroku WP solution on Github from xyu, but it was full of bugs and issues with little to no support.

The plan is now to use Roots instead. Anyone have success with this using Heroku?

Trellis is orthogonal and incompatible with Heroku. There’s no reason you couldn’t get Bedrock and Sage working with it though.

You can search the forums for other Heroku discussions. Also see:

So I would not be able to perform local development with Trellis? How is Trellis compatible with Digital Ocean, but not Heroku?

Sure you could perform local development with Trellis. However your production server would be very different on Heroku which isn’t ideal.

Digital Ocean is just a server provider. They give you a server with full control. Heroku is a PaaS “platform as a service”. They are entirely different.

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Heroku doesn’t natively support MySQL or MariaDB, so you’d end up having to hack something together, which sort of defeats the purpose of having something like the trellis stack that’s easily bootstrapped to a vanilla server. I use DO - there’s a little tinkering required, but once you get used to Trellis and DO, it’s super easy to use.

I would use JawsDB or ClearDB to facilitate the databases.

Other than those things, what would be very different and could potentially have a major impact on dev/prod parity? I don’t see a list of PHP 7 extensions included with Trellis, but here are the Heroku PHP 7 extensions.

I would like to use Digital Ocean but I’m stuck on Heroku :disappointed:

I had a conversation with an engineer at Heroku recently, and while I don’t recall the exact issues, he also brought up good points about potential problems with wp_config and user uploads. I think the wp_config issue had to do with how Heroku deals with environment variables. I don’t recall the issue with user uploads - might be how Heroku deals with long-term file storage.

Heroku actually deletes the uploads, so I am using S3 and Cloudfront.