Roots + Vagrant + Composer Development Stack

In response to something @swalkinshaw mentioned in the long “Development using Roots” thread about releasing a full WP stack the Roots crew uses. I am very interested in this and have been patiently (and silently) waiting for this. I’ve been playing with Varying Vagrant Vagrants and trying to set it up similarly to how Scott did in the Composer screencast, but before I commit to my half-baked solution I was wondering if anyone in the community is willing to share their setup of Roots with Vagrant and Composer.

(PS. Is there an ETA for this release?)

Thanks :smile:

@swalkinshaw is in Italy right now but we’ll have something out sometime in October :slight_smile:

Thanks @benword for the update :slight_smile:

While I wait for any others in the community to chime in, I will clean up my setup and get it ready to share so that I can get feedback from the rest of the folks. I’ll have something up here by tomorrow for sure.

I haven’t gotten into Vagrant and Composer, just been sorting out a VirtualBox-based VM configuration on Windows. I don’t claim the plan is the best development environment ever. I tend to overengineer things (dratted systems/data architecture background) so it’s probably just overly complex.

I like to document what I’m doing so I can remember what I did and why later, so I’ve put that up at It’s more “beginner how-to” oriented, but there may be some useful ideas in the documents. Or you may read them and run screaming. :smile:

I think it would be worthwhile at some point to produce a step-by-step process for people to follow. This could then be turned into a yeoman generator or some other script, if someone desired.

Aside from the obvious bits (create a vagrant instance with this VagrantFile, clone that repository, npm install… I’d also like to see guidance on what goes into your own repository, how to organize your repository for developing a single site vs. a redistributable theme (since it has to be self contained I imagine starting with SOIL isn’t going to work but for site development it would be) all the way to how to deploy your code to production.

A lot of this information is elsewhere, but I find its always challenging to find a consistent way to do it. Often you find different parts of a process in two different places, they both look good but putting them together becomes a challenge. Starting with something that works from beginning to end provides a much more solid starting point from which people can get going. This is a little like Roots 101 but with a different focus since the point is not “this is what you can do with Roots” but “this is how you’re going to create something amazing with Roots”.

And since one size never fits all, we can start looking at common points of difference. Say I’d rather use CoffeScript and SASS for my styles? I can come to forum, get some advice and then if we decide that this a common thing to do we can update the documentation (or add more options to the scripts).

At any rate, I thought I’d put that out there.

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I don’t know for sure but I don’t think Roots is heading in the direction you described. I believe they will be posting guides and screencasts that detail the way they are currently doing things and the best practices they have picked up (similar to how they have been doing for the past couple of weeks). But, I don’t think they have the resources to cover all possible scenarios.

You are right, there are many different methods; probably as many as there are developers as everyone puts their own spin on things. Us as a community can get together and submit guides for, or we can take it a step further and build a mini-wiki. Wiki’s aren’t the prettiest method for knowledge sharing and maybe not the best platform for the thousands of opinions there would inevitably be, but if there is enough interest it would be worth a try.

Maybe this topic could be the start of something new. Maybe people will start contributing to documentation similar to how @jmjf shared his docs above (Thanks, btw!)

Either way, I am very grateful for this forum and for the wonderful people who post on it.

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Hey Ben, would love to see the setup for Vagrant, even a peak at it to see how you guys are setting this up.

Sorry it’s taken longer than expected but we’re hoping to have something up soon

I’m looking forward to this tutorial on Vagrant.

At the moment I’m loving Grunt and Composer, two tools I never would have found unless I started using Roots.