Roots vs Shoestrap

I heard about Shoestrap here at Roots and I’m curious to know what the actual difference between the two is. I like Shoestrap’s built in styling editor but the underlying code can seem a little sloppy.

Anyone know of a way to use Roots with a built in editor/css editor within wordpress?

Did you see this post? I think it gives a pretty good overview of Shoestrap:

Roots is a starter theme in every sense. It does a lot of cool things for you, but the only styling that really comes with it is Bootstrap set up and ready to go. After that, it’s up to you to style as you need to.

I wouldn’t suggest making updates to your theme directly in Wordpress. I’ve done it before and if you make any PHP errors, WP will crash and you’ll be forced to FTP or edit the file manually anyways. The suggestion is always to work locally and to use a good text editor or IDE.

That being said, if you want to make some updates from within WP to your theme, I’ve used this plugin and it helps make the “Editor” look pretty: