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Roots who are you? The one solving the gordian knot?

I do webdesign for 15 years, and I even feel being far from mastering something. Every year there’s x >= 3 new fancy radical changes in how to build a website and it’s nearly impossible to follow up. I’m not a full time developer. I’m a photographer and a designer and an audio engineer aswell. Every year 2 months I can’t work – meaning someone is paying me to work! – because I have to learn and upgrade all my projects and get my development environment to the newest standards.

There’s another thing. I have to confess, it makes me upset. Please don’t take it personal. Something changed over time. Back then, webdesign was HTML+CSS and easy. Now it is a highly complex “art” to build a website. So far so good. But now so many turn their ideas into a product, charge for it and make maximum profit. Tech-interested brother where are you? Open source spirit where are you?

Things got so complex, that you have to outsource responsibility more and more. But 200 bucks a year, just to sync my database? Sorry. Trellis is open source. That’s the reason why I believe in Trellis/Bedrock/Sage. Maybe I could alter it and contribute, but I’m not a developer, I’m not capable of it. I’m a webdesigner and I want to get back to coding.

IMHO it’s all about time. We get older and want to feed our kids. Support? Usually it costs.
Where is Roots::Sage//Bedrock//Trellis in this story?

Not exactly sure what to tell you.

Your rant about web development being complex is a common one. I guess it’s true but things have changed. Web development is more complex because websites are more complex. It’s mostly that simple. We’re using tools that allow higher levels of abstraction to allow us to do more. But there’s a lot of growing pains since the tools we use are often new and not proven yet.

Roots just builds on top of other open source tools to hopefully make life better for developers. Unfortunately that often doesn’t mean simpler or easier to get started with.


Please excuse my delay and thanks for trying to understand the pain. I think the goal is to keep things simple. The tools you combine in Roots are awesome. But it is a hard way to get to the point where you stop thinking and start doing webdesign.

Now I’m trying to use Trellis as development environment and as a tool setting up staging and production. For deployment I’m going to include grunt-wordpress-deploy. Someone fixed the bug so “it remains in the game”. If everyting runs smoothly, I will share my files.

Finally I forked Bedrock and grunt-wordpress-deploy together. If anyone is interested or has difficulties, I started a new thread.

Best, Gabriel