Roots with Foundation (If anyone cares)

I needed this for an upcoming project and figured I’d share.

Comments aren’t done yet, but everything else is I believe (including the Gruntfile)


Actually been using Foundation for a recent project.
Thought it was kind of nice to work with. Thanks!

Sweet man! Thanks for this. I’ve never used a modification to Roots, but like Foundation over Bootstrap. So I just download your copy, and setup like normal?

@theatereleven yes you just have download it and go from there.

The Gruntfile should work.

I didn’t do all of the changes for the comment forms, but everything else should work including the nav walker.

If you find bugs let me know, I will be working with the theme extensively over the next week or so and will likely squash a few over the next week.

Compliments! I always wanted to have a deeper look into foundation, good to know this exists. Thanks for the work & sharing!

This is great! I find Foundation more flexible to my taste.

Have any of you guys considered to switch out Grunt for Gulp as well? I was thinking about creating a fork using Foundation and Gulp, but it would be interesting to see if anyone have done it already.

Hi! I forked Roots and created a starter theme using Foundation and Gulp instead of Bootstrap and Grunt.

Feel free to fork or contribute!

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I really like some things of foundation.
I didnt saw the grunt file, only package.json.

Nice work c:

Not sure if you meant my fork or @jdcauley’s fork, but mine uses Gulp instead of Grunt, thats why there’s no gruntfile there. Read more about Gulp here.

Nice, probably a better choice to work with that than mine as i’ve not had any time to do updates

I’ve created a fork with Foundation here guys: