Roots without Bootstrap for sites on shared hosting

I’ve used Roots on the last seven WordPress sites, and love it so far. However I’ve been removing Bootstrap when doing it.

On my own Ubuntu server I just remove Bootstrap and recompile (or whatever) with Grunt per Chris’s instructions. However, I now have to do some sites that people will host at places like where I won’t have any command line access.

Is there a way to remove Bootstrap from these installs? Or…if I remove Bootstrap on my own server, and then migrate the site to the shared hosting platform, would that be the method that would work? Now that I think about it, probably, but I’m still a little new to the deep, deep concepts of WordPress.


You’re on the right track. You don’t need a CLI to run Wordpress with Roots on a web host. Grunt is basically there while developing, but after your theme is finished, your CSS and JS should be compiled and ready to go.

So, develop locally, and when you’re finished, upload the theme with the compiled CSS and JS to the shared hosting, install WP, etc. And it should all work fine.

Nice, nice, nice. Thank you!