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Running ./bin/ tries to connect to wrong database

When running the command in the topic title ./bin/ production mysite,com I get the following error

"Error: Can’t select database. We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the designstatements_com_production database."

I ssh’d onto the local server and found that, while that command looks for designstatements_com_production the server only has designstatements_com_development (and a handful of other, but not the above).

How do I fix this? I already broke my local site trying to add a database called designstatements_com_production… (I already destroyed and created a new virtual box as well!)

What’s in your /host/production file? It looks like it’s deploying to your vm.

You also need to provision the production server first.

just the IP address

#Add each host to the [production] group and to a “type” group such as [web] or [db].
#List each machine only once per [group], even if it will host multiple sites.



I provisioned the production server again, and now the production site is unavailable :frowning:

After playing around a bit, it seems like this issue is caused by something completely different than I originally thought, so I’m closing this issue and opening a new one.

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