Sage 10: add_theme_support('align-wide') will not work

This seems to have been removed from the previous versions, and when i add it back in, it will not work. I am completely unable to work out why?
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @dan19_82! It was removed after we adopted theme.json

See the theme.json docs on layout over at Theme.json | Theme Developer Handbook | WordPress Developer Resources


Thank you very much, that was driving me nuts.
Should i ignore this “This file is generated. Do not edit” or will my changes be overwritten?

You’ll need to edit the Bud config to make changes to theme.json, or you can disable that part of the Bud config

And thanks for the reminder that I need to get our docs written up for this. I’ll bump this topic once I get that done!

Update: Docs are now at Sage 10.x: Gutenberg | Roots Documentation

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:information_source: Docs are up at Sage 10.x: Gutenberg | Roots Documentation