Sage 10 and Bud

Laravel mix was replaced with Bud. What was the reason for this? Think if I should update my theme also. Im using Sage 10 with Bootstrap 5

I also just updated a Sage 10 theme from laravel-mix (10.0.0-beta1 branch) to bud (master branch).
laravel-mix and bud both generate a webpack configuration, so the underlying builder is still webpack.
Both also allow “hooking into” the webpack configuration generation and change/add custom configuration.

There were some initial gotchas with using npm to install the dependencies and SASS support,
but they are easy to overcome.

Comparison between bud and other existing tools:

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What was the reason for this?

We think that Bud is a better experience than Mix

Think if I should update my theme also.

We’d love to have you give it a shot :smiley:

What are main things to point out that give you better experience? @ben

Found beta 1 rather buggy, could not build css at all and with no error output to guide me to the solution it was difficult to appreciate the mix’s replacement. joining @mehha’s question @ben.

Also whatever bud was doing during the build it was taking considerably longer time than mix did.

Trying to love it…

I’m also using Bootstrap 5 with sage 10 & Laravel mix. I just tried to remove tailwind from sage10 with Bud. Bud I can’t get it to work. I removed all references to tailwind & Bud is still giving me “Error: Cannot find module ‘tailwindcss’”

git clone test
cd test
composer install
rm tailwind.config.js
yarn remove @tailwindcss/typography tailwindcss
sed -i '' '/tailwind.config.js/d' ./bud.config.js
sed -i '' '/tailwindcss/d' ./resources/styles/app.css
yarn && yarn build 

Looks like tailwind is required to use Bud…

Beta 1 does not have Bud. Beta 1 is Sage 10 with Mix. You should not spend time replacing Bud with Mix when you can just download Beta 1, which is our last tagged release, as opposed to developing from the master branch.

Maybe on the first build? Subsequent builds would be noticeably faster.

Thanks for being an early tester for Bud! Have you seen this?

If you’re continuing to have issues, please open up an issue over at GitHub - roots/bud: A webpack framework combining the best parts of Laravel Mix and Symfony Encore

@tombro was talking about using it with Bootstrap 5

I have no idea why, but today, I can compile the code without any errors. I executed the same code, in the same terminal window.

I don’t know if you would like to investigate this. But in case you’re curious, this is the output:
error: tombroucke@Toms-Mac-mini  ~/Local/development/app/www/app/themes  git clone g -
OK: tombroucke@Toms-Mac-mini  ~/Local/development/app/www/app/themes  git clone g -

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