Sage 10 deployment on Pantheon

Does anyone have any steps on how we can set up and deploy Sage 10 theme on Pantheon. I have followed steps here at Sage 10 on Pantheon, a guide and method

but this does not seem to works as Sage structure has changed a lot.

Thank you

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Howdy! Could you please give this a shot and let us know if it works for you?

Hi Ben, Thank you for a quick response. Although the above method did not work for me 100% straight out of the box, I played around with symlinks and Acorn, and then gradually I understood enough on how I can deploy Sage to Pantheon and it worked.

I would like to share it with the community, can you please reopen the topic Sage 10 on Pantheon, a guide and method again, I feel its a common thread that everyone can go when the find issues with Sage deployment in Pantheon and I will post my method of latest version of Sage deployment on that thread so that it helps others as well.


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I appreciate you taking my work and moving the needle forward. Of course Sage 10 was in beta when I was working on that guide. I knew enough would change that it would not be relevant! I look forward to you sharing your findings. :pray:t2:

Thanks for following up! I just re-opened the topic