Sage 10 @php @endphp not working

Hi there. I’m trying to use sage10 but when I try to use @php @endphp it returns the following issue:

Uncaught Exception : syntax error, unexpected ‘@’

Could some help me?


In a partial, you either need to use all @php() or all @php @endphp - you can’t mix them.

We switched back to short-hand as it leads for vastly cleaner templates and in most scenarios, Composers allow you to handle any logic you’d otherwise have in a view without the need to use @php() to begin with (outside of our current-use for core WP functions)

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Hi Log1x!
I didn’t know that.
I’m building my project using sage 10. I will be posting here my experience with it and eventual bugs.
At the moment I found out that is just awesome, even better than sage 9. The use of Laravel Composer is really a game changer!
Thank you very much for your help.

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