Sage 10 release date? Sage 9 with Laravel mix?

Hi, I’d like to know when sage 10 will be released. I’m coming from laravel and now I’m using sage 9 but it don’t use laravel mix to compile the assets … and its not very customizable as laravel mix. so as i can see in github sage 10 use laravel mix so i think it will be a greate product.

But the actual stage of sage 10 in github is alpha and also it has not recived any commit in the last 3/4 months so i think its not ready for production …

If it will take a long time to be relased i also would like to know how can i integrate laravel mix with sage 9

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Welcome @Andrei_Gae! If you’re curious, jump in. We’re using in production on many projects, pre-alpha in one case, without real issue, only minor workflow related things. Coming from laravel, Acorn makes a world of difference, still a gap but the line continues to blur, and you want find anything close for WordPress.

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