Sage 10: Stable enough to develop on?

Hi all, been using Roots/bedrock for quite a few years now. I really love the stack and adding “order to chaos” into WordPress.

I’m starting to develop a new site, and wanting to use Sage 10, however, I understand the release is still Alpha and subject to change - Will I be creating more headaches for myself working with Sage 10 with features subject to change? Have any of you had the experience in working with Stage 10 in production-ready websites?

Or should I just stick to the stable 9 release…

Kind regards

This is a matter of personal choice, but I’ve launched a dozen or so sites using various builds of Sage 10 over the last year or so and they’ve all been fine.

The biggest thing to remember is, if you’re working with an alpha, what are the quirks of that alpha that aren’t documented in the final release?

I’ve launched several sites into production with versions of Sage 10 going back a year plus. If you’re comfortable doing your own troubleshooting then it’s perfectly usable and functional. If you don’t feel comfortable being off on your own, it’s not be advisable.

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