Sage 8.1.0 and Soil 3.1.0 Updates

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New updates have been made to both Sage and Soil. The changelog is small and mostly minor for both projects. We’ve moved HTML5 Boilerplate’s Google Analytics snippet out of Sage and turned it into a Soil module. The option for adding a Google Analytics ID still exists in the theme config (lib/config.php) and the theme…

How to update sage without losing my theme that i’ve build with sage and its configuration?

Since Sage is a starter theme you usually don’t need to update. You can manually roll bring down changes, or you can do something like this:

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where do we add the analytics ID?

You can add it in setup.php, with the other Soil stuff.

add_theme_support('soil-google-analytics', 'UA-XXXXX-Y', 'wp_footer');

Instructions are in the source

Thanks! I found the code in a newer version of settings.php and setup() function.