Sage 8.5.0 thinks the asset path is /templates/dist/styles/main.css but should be /dist/styles/main.css

Some how my Sage thinks that the assets path is within the templates folder an this is what it looks like in my head: <link rel='stylesheet' id='sage/css-css' href='' type='text/css' media='all' />

I was thinkering with Sage version 9 beta 2 and updated my node from brew to nvm because I was running version 4.4.5 and we’re now on version 7.6.0, so I thought to upgrade and someone recommended me to upgrade to nvm. I did some testing, but couldn’t get Sage 9 to work, this made me switch back to version 8 which I am currently using for a project and works great. But after doing a clean project setup my assets are being loaded from the wrong place. The only difference I could find was that on the working project I am using Sage 8.5.0 and my new project is running 8.5.1, so I moved all the files from my working project over and modified them to fit my new project, but this is still happening.

What can I do to fix this?

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Probably some mixed signals going from Sage 9 back to 8.5. have you tried activating one of the core themes and then reactivating your Sage theme?


@cedarstay lol, no I did not, because I always delete the core themes. But that fixes it, weird that that would be the solution, rebooting my PC didn’t even help. Thanks.

Thank you!!! you save me many hours :heart_eyes: